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Benwick is a village and civil parish in the Fenland district of Cambridgeshire, England. It is approximately 15 miles from Peterborough and 30 miles from Cambridge.

The name Benwick is derived from the Old English bean or beam, and wic, meaning "farm where beans are grown" or "farm by a tree-trunk." Benwick's High Street is built on a roddon:- the silt banks of the old West Water river.

The earliest records of village refer to a garrison built in Benwick by Geoffrey de Mandeville in 1143. In 1221, Benwick had 15 tenants and by 1251, 32. It used to be in the parish of Doddington, one of the largest parishes in England.

On these pages we will try to tell you a little about the village and show you how it looks now and how it did in the past.