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Hashing was not something I got into easily. Whilst working for Dallah Avco in Saudi during the mid eighties I worked with a guy called Bill Kearns ("don't call me Billy") who kept going on about the Hash. When told that they "like to run" I immediately put the barriers up and didn't want to know. But over a period of time I found my weekends extremely boring and eventually decided to accept Billy's offer of a lift to the Hash and what greeted me was something that has been in my blood ever since.

It was very rare that I would miss the weekend meet and found myself visiting the two other Hashes in Saudi and it soon became a large part of my life out there. I especially enjoyed the comradeship with the accompanying social circles. Not only that part but with time I found myself lighter and fitter and one of the highlights of my time there was the Riyadh Marathon, which I completed in 4 hours and 21 minutes. I still treasure the medal

Some of the people were superb. They really made the whole experience an "experience". The people who made it special for me include Leo "Doc" and Anne Fischer, Mary “Gobby Tart” Place, Mary “Dragon” Crickard, Doug Bilinsky, Billy Kearns, Malcolm Taylor, Pat Hillman, Ken McGuiness, Mac McCormick.

I became Joint Master with Dragon in 1988 and we had some terrific fun. It gave me great pleasure to be a leading role in the Megamob and Dragon's partnership made it a special time.


Why did I move on? In 1989, during a run with the Road Runners one evening, I managed to down down a few nippy sweeties in the diplomatic quarter and ended up having a blow out and bumping the car on the way to the apartment. I pulled over and a third country national offered help, which I declined. Unfortunately he phoned the local constabulary saying this expat's breath smelled funny. Before I could change the wheel the blue and white lights were flashing and I was nicked. Handcuffed and shackled it was off to clinic for a blood test and then thrown in the clink. I was there for two weeks.