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Those two weeks were not my most memorable experience in Saudi and I could write a few paragraphs about that time alone. Suffice it to say that I was not treated as badly as some of the other characters in there. I did manage to get through the long hour upon hour with the constant visits and gifts of food from my fellow Hashers and was finally released because one of them worked for the brother of the governor of Riyadh. One day I had a visit and was told that I would be out the next day. Sure enough, the next day I was out. Trouble is, Cable & Wireless didn't show any compassion and booted me out of the country. Bastards!

Ice house 01.jpg

That was a turning point in my life which, now I look back, was not a bad thing to have happened. I went straight back out to the Middle East though, this time to Oman where I found the Jebel Hash. What a bunch of animals. There were no holds barred in this hash and they were the ones to christen me Fannyrat. I have to thank Chris “Gobby Stopper” Thackwray for the handle because he “always wanted to call someone that”.

We hashed everywhere along the coast and inland but one of the most interesting was the underground Hash. We were taken down a fifty-foot funnel into a large cave and the trail led through low channels to other caves and back again. Eventually we had to all scramble out because the barbeques were causing so much smoke we were in danger of being asphyxiated.