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Another interesting event was at a camp a load of us went on which turned out to be almost a disaster. There had been the rains for a while and the rivers had filled from their normal dry condition and we were unable to cross one of them. This meant that we pulled over and camped up at an unknown beach but it seemed okay. After a good nights drinking session one of the guys climbed out of his tent and walked into the water for the call of nature. Unbeknown to us the beach we had chosen happened to have the largest conglomeration of Stone Fish in the gulf. And Stone Fish have an extremely toxic poison in their spines. You guessed it, he stood on one and was spiked. The screams could be heard for miles and he was whisked away to the nearest village. On the way a local was accosted and once he understood what has happened the journey was shifted to a hospital which was not too far away. They were there within twenty minutes of him standing on this fish but by then he was unconscious. Fortunately the hospital staff were very quick with their reactions and he was pumped with anti-toxin and morphine. It took two weeks for him to recover enough to come out of hospital and even longer to regain the full feeling in his leg.

In 1990 the Jebel Hash organised the Gulf Interhash and I'm proud to say I was part of the committee and thoroughly enjoyed the whole three days, or at least the bits I can remember. I was responsible for the Hash Mags for the weekend, one printed by a local firm and the other on five photocopiers when no one was looking. On the last day the Riyadh Megamob members carried out the ritual of “gungeing” on me as the farewell tribute from Saudi that I missed due to leaving in such a hurry.

Again, I met many terrific people, amongst them Chris “Flying Fuck” Tofield, Wendy “Micro-orgasm”, Lena and Graham, Gobby Tart again, Joe "Wetback" Koen, Chris Wibbly Wobbly and Sue, Tim “Open Crotch Panties” and “Cunnilingus”, Brian “Gattling-gob” Garaway and Caz, John Wombwell, Steve "Stunted Horn" Norris, Chris “Gobby Stopper” Thackwray, Pat & Anne "Cesspit & SuckCess" O'Neil, Melvin Scott, Pox Doctors Clerk, “Chunda”, Fearless Fred and many others.

I now run with the Cambridge Hash and although they are a lot milder than what I was used to it's still a good bunch of people.