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Fenboy3 evolved from members of the Wilburton Theatre Group orchestra in the form of Tim - guitar, keyboards and lead vocals, Rob "Fannyrat" on bass and backing vocals and Alan "The Hat" banging the skins and dustbin lids and also joining in with the singing. In 2002 the three of them were rehearsing for the Christmas Panto when Tim suggested they form a threesome to allow him to perform his favourite music style - the Blues. After a few practices they had enough numbers, both covers and Tim's own compositions, to perform a raw gig to the public. The name Fenboy3 popped up both as a parody of the eighties band called Funboy Three and the fact that none of us are boys but we do live in the Cambridgeshire Fens. Lightning, the new keyboard player, became a permanent part of the furniture at the end of 2015.

Each band member had already racked up many years of experience playing in other bands along life's highway so after some rehearsals they found themselves forging a solid sound. This has been enhanced by an ever increasing set list made up from material both original and covered from popular artists. New songs are often introduced by Tim giving the other two a heads up on what the song is and how he feels it needs to be played. A quick low level run through and bingo, another number is added to the set list.