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Carpenters Arms

1 North Green, Coates, Whittlesey, Cambs PE7 2BQ. Tel: 01733 840993

As the address suggests, this pub is diametrically opposite The Vine in the village layout. It sits looking across towards The Vine and overlooks the North Green. It’s quite an old building dating back from Victorian times and I bet there are a few tales to be told. Unfortunately when we tried to sample the beers there were none on tap. We were offered beer from a bottle which is not quite the same but had to suffice. The layout is a door in the centre of the front giving you the choice of going through the door on the left, which leads to a very good looking pool table, or the door to the right giving access to the lounge room. It’s quite a neat layout but neither of the rooms are very large and I suspect it gets a bit tight when full of people.

26th Aug 2012