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The Cobblestones

Wisbech Rd, March PE15 0BA Tel: 01354 650312

This is more of a restaurant than a pub but it is very roomy and comfortable and you are more than welcome to sit and have a drink. There is a lot of floor space which is covered in tables for eating. Staff are constantly moving about the room checking that everyone is okay and are very comforting. There is definitely a push to sell food though. Take a look at the menus and you have quite a good choice with reasonable prices although they are tied in to two meals for the price of one deals. Good beers are on tap and are well priced for a restaurant like this.

The only downside I found was with the toilets. Although you cannot fault the cleanliness there was a definite pong about them which did not seem right.

Even though I didn’t sample the food on this visit I witnessed plenty of platters passing by and was well impressed by the quality of the meals and they were not small portions.

30th Aug 2012

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