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The George Inn. 1, Ramsey Rd, Forty Foot, Ramsey, Cambs PE26 2XN

Tel: 01487-815264

Another village pub trying to survive in this economic time of difficulty. There has been a change of ownership in the last six months and the new landlord is really trying to make a go of it. The most obvious thing to note is that it is open during the day when the passing trade can take advantage of the pub. I have been a couple of times in the past two weeks and have been greeted with a friendly smile and a very good tasting pint of beer. The bar is well laid out with plenty of seats and tables around which you can discuss the troubles of the world and enjoy that good beer.

The car park is ample and you will find a smoking area comfortable to sit and enjoy the summer weather even if you don’t smoke. Bands and music are often provided so if you enjoy live music keep an eye out on the board.

Food is available and from the quality seen with the platters being dished out you will get value for your pounds to complement the drink. There is a menu and a board in the wall offering specials.

The Christmas menu is now available. Click on this link to see what you can get for your money.