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69, Wisbech Rd, March, Cambridgeshire, PE15 8EH. Tel: 01354-656523

Men of March

Walked into this pub on a Friday afternoon to be presented with a bar full of pumps showing a range of good looking real ales and the usual number of lagers, ciders and Guinness. Plenty of people were coming in and out during my visit and it seems to be well frequented. Unfortunately the jukebox was banging out the loudest repetitive banging noise that only the young are able to understand without losing the use of their eardrums. Eventually someone came in and remonstrated with the bar staff to have it turned down. Ah, I can hear again.

The beer was rather good as was the service from the barmaid. As an aside I would like to point out that the toilets were upstairs, very clean but I don’t know how the disabled would cope. I could well have missed them.

31st Aug 2012

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(Previously known as Little London) and Bae 23