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The Railway

132, Great Whyte, Huntingdon, Cambs. PE26 1HS. Tel: 01487-812597

The pub can be found by going through The Great Whyte in Ramsey towards Ramsey St Mary's. It is opposite the Ramsey Auction Rooms. I would imagine it has a history tied in with the old Railway systems that ran through the Fens years ago.

Two good sized rooms, the main bar and Lounge with good seating and a very comfortable atmosphere. There is a great board on the wall in the main bar and it lists all the Captains of sports teams and a trophy cabinet almost heaving with cups and shields. As you enter there is an "Off Sales" window with the main bar on the left and the lounge to the right. The lounge has plenty of seating and tables and also looks very comfortable.

A very ample beer garden is at the rear but you are unable to access it through the pub, you will need to go via the car park, which is also a decent size.

The only point in the negative is about the toilets. Although the gents was adequate and clean the big window was painted shut and could possibly cause a smelly problem at busy time and when it is hot.