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Three Tuns

8, New St, Doddington, March, Cambridgeshire PE15 0SP. Tel: 01354-279593

The Three Tuns is in the centre of Doddington and about 100 yards away from the George and probably less to the church behind it. It has a traditional wooden floor and bar furniture with the bar in front of you as you walk through the door. The decor is a bit dated and could do with a paintbrush over it. A large flat screen TV hangs on one wall and all around the place are comical caricatures of a lot of the locals. There is a pool table to one side and the restaurant with an extensive menu is behind the bar.

The beer was served just right but the guest beer was resting and wouldn't be available until the next day, never mind, I'll have to go back and try again.

The sign says there is a car park to the rear of the pub but there is also a little space for cars at the side.

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